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Cosmetic surgery helps many people to fulfill a long-cherished dream. The success of a cosmetic operation depends on several factors such as good planning, the skills of the surgeon as well as the reaction and healing powers of your body. However, there is always the possibility of complications for which you or your doctor cannot be held responsible. In this case, it is important and useful to be covered with a cosmetic surgery insurance.

If follow-up treatments or corrective interventions are necessary, the cosmetic surgery insurance from safe4beauty ensures that you do not have to pay any follow-up costs yourself.

Given this fact, you are able to plan your cosmetic surgery free of financial worries and with coverage of up to 300,000 euros. The plastic surgery insurance is quite affordable, starting at 69 euros per year, and ensures a flexible, simple and unbureaucratic handling of the insured treatment in the event of complications.

Take out your cosmetic surgery insurance directly online – even up to 24 hours before the procedure. You can rely on a high insurance coverage as well as transparent conditions!

The advantages of a cosmetic surgery insurance with safe4beauty

Even if your cosmetic surgery is a routine procedure: There is always a residual risk against which you should insure yourself. A plastic surgery insurance is an easy and suitable solution – however, when choosing an insurance policy, you should select the one that offers you the best conditions.
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Financial protection in case of complications
Up to 3 years of protection
Simple, fast, and secure
Fast payout
Free choice of doctors in the event of complications
Insurance coverage up to 300.000 euro
One-off payment starting at 69 euros per year
Available up to 24 hours before the procedure

How much does cosmetic surgery insurance for plastic surgery cost? Our prices:

You can cover the expensive consequences of a surgical procedure starting at 69€ per year. Use our calculator to get an individual offer for a cosmetic surgery insurance in just a few steps or immediately cover your procedure online.

Lifting & Liposuction

(Face and Body)

from 69€

for 1 Year

Lifting & Toning

(Face, lower Body & Genital)

from 89€

for 1 Year

Toning & Implant

(Breast, Body, Legs and Face)

from 159€

for 1 Year

Breast augmentation with Implant

from 249€

for 1 Year

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Especially if you are thinking about having a surgery, you should always be well insured. You’ve come to the right place. Perfect!


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Where the follow-up cost insurance helps – Our treatment guide

Whether you are planning a breast augmentation, a face lift, nose correction or liposuction: In our extensive guide section about cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery insurance, you will find a lot of information on the different procedures, risks and possible follow-up treatments. Find out more about your planned plastic surgery and how our cosmetic surgery insurance can protect you in the event of complications.

Your customized plastic surgery insurance – The right insurance for every treatment

Choose an insurance provider that tailors its benefits to the exact risks of your procedure. Our cosmetic surgery insurance has already convinced many customers. You can rely on:

Cosmetic surgery insurance that fits your needs

Liposuction, eyelid correction, breast augmentation and more – every cosmetic surgery involves individual risks. By tailoring our follow-up cost insurance to the various procedures, we can offer you optimal coverage with effective cost control. Insurance coverage of up to 300,000 euros is possible!

Flexible terms for your plastic surgery insurance

You decide how long you want your insurance to cover your planned plastic surgery procedure. Depending on the treatment we recommend different terms, but you can always decide for yourself how long the insurance coverage should last.

Intuitive and flexible insurance for follow-up costs

Whether you have planned your cosmetic surgery in advance, or the procedure is just one day away: safe4beauty allows you to easily take out your cosmetic surgery insurance online even 24 hours before the procedure.
This means we can offer you fast and effective insurance coverage – even if you decide to get it last-minute.

Free choice of doctor in the event of complications

If complications arise and our cosmetic surgery insurance takes effect, you are free to choose the doctor who will treat you. For your follow-up treatment, choose exactly those experts you trust and who are easily accessible to you.

Your transparent plastic surgery insurance

What is covered by the cosmetic surgery insurance? How high are the costs?

We answer these and all other important questions about your safe4beauty insurance openly, honestly, and always transparently on our website, in the documents provided and in personal consultation.

You know exactly what you can expect from us and will receive expert advice if you have any questions.

All about insurance for cosmetic surgery – What you need to know


A cosmetic surgery insurance from safe4beauty can be taken out starting at just 69 euros per year. However, there are different rates, as safe4beauty wants to cover your individual needs as well as the desired cosmetic surgery and save you money in the process. Use our calculator to quickly find out the tentative costs for your individual follow-up cost insurance.


With the follow-up costs insurance of safe4beauty, the following possible complications are insured for patients with statutory or private health insurance, depending on the tariff:

  • Complications and their treatment arising after the insured surgery, such as punctures due to exudates, wound revisions due to infections as well as wound healing disorders or the treatment of necroses.
  • Treatments and operations necessary to restore the original aesthetic result after complications.
  • Complications due to an accident after a cosmetic surgery.
  • In the case of breast augmentation, the breast implant replacement after a grade III or IV capsular contracture, the shifting of the implants and resulting asymmetries, as well as after infections.
  • The inpatient stay in clinics for medically necessary treatments and operations.

If you take out cosmetic surgery insurance for your plastic surgery, you should always plan it individually based on the risks associated with the procedure. Therefore, there is no blanket insurance that will work best for you in every case. Use our calculator to compare and see exactly how high the insurance costs will be for your chosen cosmetic treatment.


The plastic surgery insurance from safe4beauty covers any follow-up costs arising from the insured procedure, be it treatments or surgeries, including inpatient stays. In the event of claims for restitutions by your health insurance company, up to 300,000 euros are covered, and up to 10,000 euros in the case of beauty clinics.


A cosmetic surgery can become a major financial challenge under certain circumstances. The demand for such treatments is rising continuously, and the operation costs are being adjusted upwards accordingly. To still be able to afford a cosmetic surgery, we offer a financing option of medical and cosmetic treatments through credit4beauty. Read here how easy credit4beauty works.