Eyelid surgery

The term blepharoplasty describes the surgical lift of the eyelids. An upper eyelid or lower eyelid lift can be performed separately or combined in one surgery.

To perform a lower eyelid lift and/or upper eyelid lift, there are various surgical techniques with different advantages and disadvantages. Which techniques are suitable for a planned eyelid surgery given the patient’s own initial situation and individual wishes, and which risks and possible complications are associated with the procedure, should be discussed in detail in a personal consultation with the plastic surgeon or the operating specialist.

During the consultation, the doctor should also inform the patient that in the event of complications arising from a cosmetic surgery such as lower and/or upper eyelid lift, the costs for necessary follow-up treatments will not be fully covered by the health insurance companies. The associated financial risk for the patient can be absorbed by taking out our safe4beauty cosmetic surgery insurance.

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