Breast augmentation insurance – safety is a good companion

Safety comes first – especially when it comes to medical treatments. If you plan to have a breast augmentation, it is of course important that you trust your doctor. Nevertheless, a completely complication-free operation is never guaranteed, even with the best surgeon.

Complications or foreign body reactions of your own body (e.g. capsular fibrosis) may result in costly corrections or follow-up treatments, some of which may have to be treated in a hospital. Therefore, it is useful to take out a breast augmentation insurance. This so-called follow-up cost insurance protects you reliably against possible risks and the associated costs.

Such an insurance policy for breast augmentations is offered by safe4beauty: Thanks to the different tariffs, our cosmetic surgery insurance can be flexibly designed and concluded online with just a few clicks.

What is the name of the insurance for cosmetic surgery?

Financial coverage for plastic surgery is called a cosmetic surgery insurance or follow-up cost insurance. This covers all costs incurred due to possible complications after the cosmetic surgery (e.g. in the case of capsular contracture).

Why is additional insurance for breast augmentation useful for me?

The complications that can occur during a breast augmentation sometimes entail very high follow-up costs. Capsular contracture can occur during a breast augmentation with implants and also during implant changes. These complications are easily possible up to one year after breast surgery. Typically, a capsular contracture is caused by the patient’s own body recognizing the implants as foreign bodies and therefore trying to reject them. Other complications such as wound healing disorders are also possible. Therefore, doctors must inform their patients in detail about all risks before a planned breast surgery. If the patient does not take out a breast augmentation insurance beforehand, he or she must bear the costs of any follow-up treatments themselves.

Who pays the costs of a follow-up operation after a breast augmentation – the insurance company?

The costs of a follow-up operation for a breast augmentation, which becomes necessary due to complications, are usually not covered by health insurance. However, this is where your cosmetic surgery insurance kicks in.

What does the insurance cover regarding breast augmentations?

If such an insurance is taken out for breast surgery, all costs for treatments or follow-up operations that may occur due to complications are covered – for example, capsular contracture or shifting of the implants. This primarily includes aesthetic plastic surgery that is not medically indicated.

How do I purchase breast augmentation insurance?

Most breast augmentation insurance policies can be taken out easily and quickly online. All that is required are a few details about the patient, the upcoming treatment as well as the operating doctor. Our safe4beauty experts will be happy to advise you in detail about your individual insurance coverage – just contact us!

How long is the coverage for breast augmentation insurance valid?

How long the protection provided by a plastic surgery insurance for breast augmentation lasts depends on the contact / tariff in question. Usually, there are options with insurance coverage of up to five years.

However, safe4beauty offers you follow-up cost insurance for breast surgery for a freely selectable period of one to three years. Our flexible rates start at just 159 euros per year for breast augmentations.

Breast enlargement insurance – Why is cosmetic surgery insurance worthwhile?

The current methods of breast surgery are already very advanced, but complications can still occur even with experienced surgeons and high-quality materials. Choosing breast implants, a foreign body is inserted into your own – this means that in addition to the normal possible complications such as hardened scars, wound healing disorders or post-operative bleeding, there is also the risk of the implants being rejected by the body (sepsis, capsular contracture, etc.). Furthermore, additional painful dislocations, ruptures or rotations can occur. All in all, the risks and associated follow-up costs make a breast surgery one of the procedures that benefit most from an insurance.

What does a breast augmentation insurance cost?

At safe4beauty you pay 479 euros for a breast surgery insurance for a period of 3 years. You can take out this insurance easily online with just a few clicks. This way you can cover the potential follow-up costs of any upcoming surgeries up to a maximum of 300,000 euros.

What is the insurance coverage after breast augmentation with implants regarding capsular contracture?

Capsular contracture is a complication that can result from breast augmentations with implants. Mild encapsulation (grade 1 and 2) is not a medical reason to perform a corrective breast augmentation. What is urgent is the change of implants in case of a very severe degree of encapsulation (grade 3 and 4). Most insurance companies cover this service for one year after the plastic surgery insurance is taken out, without charging an additional premium. However, with an additional payment it is possible to increase this period up to three years. If a severe encapsulation occurs, the insurance provider will cover all costs of follow-up treatments and surgeries.

What is the insurance coverage when combining multiple types of treatment?

Coverage can be requested online for up to two types of treatment during the same operation. A third type of treatment is subject to inquiry – this means that you contact us and we decide on your breast augmentation insurance in a case-by-case review. The safe4beauty insurance covers a maximum of 300,000 EUR – this does not change even if there are multiple types of treatment during the same surgery.

Breast implant insurance – is it just insurance for the implants or the entire surgery?

With our safe4beauty plastic surgery insurance, the entire operation is considered insured. In the case of (breast) implants, we will pay for the complication treatment including the removal of the implants (e.g. due to capsular fibrosis grade 3 or 4) as well as the reinsertion of new implants (including the new implants themselves) in a second revision surgery.

Cover your breast augmentation with our safe4beauty cosmetic surgery insurance and benefit from reliable insurance protection for up to 3 years. Choose your tariff flexibly and book our insurance easily and quickly online.

If you have any further questions about a breast augmentation insurance and our other services, our experts will be happy to help you at any time!

Inquire directly with us and receive your individual offer!