A flat stomach, slim and smooth thighs? – The path to your new body

A liposuction is not a substitute for proper weight loss or a balanced diet. This is due to the fact that the amount of fat tissue that can be removed during a liposuction is limited. Nevertheless, it is not for nothing that a liposuction treatment is one of the most frequently performed aesthetic surgeries in Germany and Austria. This is because it paves the way to an improved body contour.

To protect you from the costs of follow-up treatments or operations, which can be caused by fateful complications, it is useful to take out a cosmetic surgery insurance.

, Liposuction insurance

What is covered by a liposuction insurance policy?

If a patient takes out an insurance for a liposuction, all costs for treatments or follow-up operations are covered if a complication results in medically necessary follow-up treatment. These can be, for example, post-operative bleeding, wound healing disorders or infections.

Who pays the costs of a follow-up operation after a liposuction?

The costs incurred as part of follow-up treatments for an insured operation are paid by safe4beauty up to the insured upper limits. The insurance conditions listed on our homepage apply here.

What is the insurance for cosmetic surgery called?

The insurance for cosmetic surgery is called follow-up cost insurance. Here, all costs incurred due to complications after an insured operation are covered.

What are the most common complications of a liposuction?

The most common complications that require medically necessary follow-up treatments are post-operative bleeding and infections, in addition to the typical wound healing disorder. There is also a chance that a necrosis occurs, which can lead to blood poisoning (sepsis).

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