A flat stomach as well as slim and smooth thighs? – We finance your dream body

Paying for cosmetic and medical treatments in installments can make the dream of a plastic surgery come true. Learn more about the easy way credit4beauty works.

Financing surgery costs in Germany and Austria – with credit4beauty

A cosmetic operation can be a heavy financial burden. The demand for such treatments is continuously increasing, accordingly the operation costs are adjusted upwards. Thus, we offer the financing option of medical and cosmetic treatments through credit4beauty, so patients can still afford a cosmetic surgery at their individual terms.

credit4beauty can help finance a treatment for up to 30.000€. The terms are variable between 6 and 72 months. Since most of the time a surgery deposit is due when booking the appointment, we decide on your request on the same day. The payment is also made directly to the treating doctor/clinic.

With credit4beauty, patients not only profit from a very fast handling of every single request, we are also the only provider in Germany and Austria who permits special repayments as well as the immediate repayment of the financing.
To complete the offer, we only require a salary / wage statement from 7,500 € upwards and do not ask any questions about existing loans or other monthly expenses.

Our interest rate, which is independent of creditworthiness, is the most favorable choice for medical and cosmetic treatments.

Who can apply for credit4beauty?

Any person who is resident in Germany or Austria and has a regular income can apply. Students with additional income, trainees and pensioners can also apply for financing at credit4beauty.

How does the application and payment process work?

After the financing documents have been sent to us, we check them on the same day. After a positive decision, we send out the contract by mail or by e-mail. A financing contract is not concluded until the documents are signed. Approximately 14 days before the planned operation, we pay out to the practitioner. In urgent cases, the time between application and payment can be reduced to only 4 working days.

Inquire directly with us and receive your individual offer!