With increasing age, wrinkle formation and skin sagging can no longer be prevented. Above a certain degree of severity, minimally invasive procedures such as botox injections no longer achieve the desired result for a majority of the patients. Where these methods fail, a facelift offers a permanent and clearly visible rejuvenation effect.

A facelift can achieve a natural and non-mask-like result, removing excess skin and thus rejuvenating the face. The various treatment options offer individual advantages and disadvantages, but are usually performed under general anesthesia, followed by clinical supervision for 1-2 nights.

As with any surgical treatment, facelift surgery is also associated with risks such as infections or wound healing disorders. In addition, you should be aware that in the event of complications and/or follow-up treatments after a facelift performed for aesthetic reasons, health insurance companies usually don´t cover the full costs of these medically necessary treatments anymore. The associated financial risk for the patient can be absorbed by taking out our safe4beauty cosmetic surgery insurance.

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