The term “gynecomastia” refers to the enlargement of breast in males. This abnormal enlargement can have many different causes. Gynecomastia usually becomes noticeable by an excessive amount of glandular or fat tissue settling in the breasts, changing its appearance. It can also be diagnosed due to abnormally enlarged nipples.

The surgery of gynecomastia allows different surgical techniques depending on the initial situation and medical findings, such as a liposuction of fat tissue in the breast or removal of mammary gland tissue. In case of a severely enlarged breast, the procedure can be performed in a similar way to a female breast reduction using an L or T incision or the LEJOUR method. The reduction of the nipple is also possible during such an operation. Which surgical techniques and incisions are suitable for the individual situation and wishes should be discussed in a personal consultation with your plastic surgeon or operating specialist.

You should always take into consideration that in the event of complications and/or follow-up treatments after a gynecomastia performed for aesthetic reasons, health insurance companies usually aren´t going to cover the full cost of medically necessary treatments. To mitigate the associated financial risk, patients should take out our safe4beauty cosmetic surgery insurance.

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